Kanyati Dhirkot Azad Kashmir | Heaven on Earth

Kanyati Dhirkot Azad Kashmir | A Heaven on Earth

Kanyati is a village situated in the region of Dhirkot Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is 8 Km far away from Dhirkot city and  33 km from Kohala, 70 km from Muzaffarabad, and 140 kilometres from Islamabad.Kanyai is the land of most talented people and they all are well educated. Kanyati is one of the most beautiful places of District Bagh. It’s natural beauty attract tourists to visit and enjoy lovely and fresh environment.

About Kanyati Azad Kashmir

Kanyati is 8 km far away from Dhirkot and the weather remain almost cold. In Kanyati the most of people have their own business and most of them are teachers and Engineers. People living a happy life together in specific place. There are no clashes between other regions and everyone is busy in his/her life. There are three Shopping Bazar.

  1. Main Bazar Kanyati
  2. Gallyan Bazar
  3. Galli Bazar Upper Kanyati

Gallyan Bazar is located at the start of Kanyati and it has basic facilities of life like General stores, clothing store etc. In Main Bazar Kanyati you can find everything that to be need in a common life. Here is a Big general Store, A Clothing Store, A Branded Shoes and hardware store and two bakeries. There are 4 schools in Kanyati:

  1. Govt. Boys High School Kanyati
  2. Govt. Girls Primary School Kanyati
  3. Feeder School Upper Kanyati
  4. Read Foundation School Kanyati

Education and Literacy rate in Kanyati

From the year 2014 students of Kanyati gained literacy rate and most of them started higher education. Some of them become Engineers, some of them become teachers and some of them are working as Government employee. The education changed the life style of Kanyati. Now people are well educated in both religious education and school education. Students are toppers in Board competitions in both education and sports. The literacy rate is now approximately 93% in Kanyati

Life Style in Kanyati

People of Kanyati lives a simple life. Like they wake up early in the morning and after offering Fajar prayer they do some walk on their fields and then go for Breakfast. After that they will go to their related work. And women are start working in their houses as regular routine. Students go to their schools and shopkeepers go to their respective business.

Islamic Education in Kanyati

With school education the people of Kanyati are also learning the Islamic education, in Masajid and Madrassah. There are 6 Masajids in kanyati:

  1. Bilal Masjid
  2. Jamea Masjid Kanyati
  3. Jabban Masjid 
  4. Upper Kanyati Masjid
  5. Gallyan Masjid
  6. Main Bazar Kanyati Masjid

Sports in Kanyati

People of Kanyati are very conscious about sports. All of them are loving Volleyball as Volleyball is their Oxygen. You can say they can’t live without Volleyball as they can live without water. Jamil Shaheed Volleyball Stadium is the biggest ground of Volleyball in Kanyati. Every year 3 organizations of Kanyati host a tournament at Jamil Shaeed Volleyball stadium. All major teams and player of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan are invited for the great event. And the amazing thing about that tournament is furious crowed and tussle (sports era) between two teams. With volleyball the youngsters of Kanyati also loves Cricket. In winter, after cutting and storing grass for animals when all fields become empty then they start playing Cricket. There are two big cricket grounds in Kanyati named as Baila Cricket Ground Kanyati and Tangyat Cricket Ground Kanyati.

Picnic Points in Kanyati

There are a lot of beautiful places in Kanyati but two places are very famous Baila and Jamil Shaheed Stadium. In summer, a lot of people go to Baila Kanyati to enjoy life with their families. And now in 2021 it become most popular place because of it’s natural beauty. In winter whole Kanyati covered with snow and it remains till end of April. Weather becomes very cold enough in winter. Baila Kanyati is one of the beautiful places of Dhirkot town. And now it demands a small park for children. Another beautiful place is Jameel Shaheed Volleyball stadium. It is also popular because of Volleybal tournaments and cold weather. Photo Gallery of Kanyati Dhirkot Azad Kashmir

Kanyati Dhirkot Azad Kashmir | Heaven on Earth

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